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Parenting is a challenge even under the best of circumstances, but there are many women who have the added burden of raising children alone.

In addition to the normal difficulties of raising children, many single parents do not have access to childcare or reliable transportation, resulting in unemployment and poverty. These single mothers are often stuck in a cycle of hopelessness and despair as they are unable to meet the demands placed on them.


The SPARK program seeks to offer hope and compassion to single parent families who truly are “harassed and helpless.” The goal is to create a safe environment where all members of the family are offered Biblically based solutions to the struggles they face. We seek to meet their physical needs by providing a clean apartment, access to a food pantry, and assistance with transportation.

We work to assist them in becoming independent through focusing on job training or furthering their education as well as helping them move toward financial stability. We offer Christian-based counseling to focus on resolving past conflicts, overcoming current obstacles or becoming better parents.

Woven throughout our program is a focus on meeting spiritual needs. All our efforts are based on a deep conviction that the only way we can have true hope is through a relationship with Jesus.

This truth is ingrained in all that we do, and families are presented with the gospel daily, not only through attendance at church services, youth activities, camps and Bible studies, but also in daily interactions with the staff. It is our hope that through these relationships the love of God will transform the lives of every participant.


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