November Monthly Messenger

January 18, 2020

Thankful For You

Whether our wonderful volunteers are helping with things such as childcare, yard work, pantry jobs, painting projects, demolition, or working hundreds of hours in the resale shop, their impact on this ministry and in the community is beyond description. We are so very thankful for their selfless service and love. Geneva Brewer,  Volunteer Coordinator

In this season of Thanksgiving, it is good to just STOP and take count of what we are thankful for. I want to take just a few lines here to thank all of you who have given to the children and/or continue to give to the children here. They do not realize what you do. They are usually busy with other things in their lives. But, I realize what you do and want you to know how much I appreciate it. Ralph Brewer, Executive Director


Trunk Or Treat

Thanks to the suggestion of one of our SPARK residents we had an amazing Trunk or Treat with some area churches and even some teachers from the elementary school some of our kids attend. We had a great turn out and the kids, staff and parents had an amazing time!

We want to thank North Lexington Church of Christ for helping us with Fall Festival this year and apologize for accidentally leaving them off of the program and last month’s newsletter. Thank you!



Sara Grace Allen Mr & Mrs Wayne Dunson Darrell Alsip Mr & Mrs David Hensley Judy Anderson Ronnie Templeton Talmadge Baker Lynne Qualls Steven Basham Phyllis Basham Wanda Biggers Keith & Connie Thomas Betty Brown Richard & Pat Powlus Yvonne Marie Chancellor Tim Olsen Kendra Eubank Anna Patton-Lingeman Lawrence Clymer Green Hill Church of Christ Ruth Collier Keith & Connie Thomas Larry Davidson Susan, Bennie & Kay Stephens Bill & Janice Bybee Lynn Donaldson Mr & Mrs Randel Simmons R. Carl Durham Camilla Durham Jerry Thomas Elam Ken & Jo Thomas Markum Family Farm Sherryl, Freda, Olen & Arlis Billy & Patricia Freeze Murrel Fitzgerald Mr & Mrs Robert McClain Bobby Gamble Ronnie Templeton David Gaylord Tim & Wanda Forrester Teresa & Terry Vancleave Grace Gerstenecker Bud & Gretchen Luna Jimmie & Ruth Hattemer Frances Grana LaSalle Church of Christ Kevin Ray Harville Keith & Connie Thomas Kenneth Hawks Brent & Sherryl Roberts Dwight Heath Bud & Gretchen Luna Evelyn Hinton Judy Crook Fred Hood Hartsville Pike Ch of Christ Rosa Mae Hurt Julia & Terry Williams Sarah Bonner Kash Mr & Mrs Stephen Kash Jim Lynch Keith & Connie Thomas Ruth Ann Meadows Keith & Connie Thomas Robert Lee McKechnie Mr & Mrs Barry Villines Wick Moore Santa Marie Patterson Jerry Patterson Wallace Reid Green Hill Church of Christ Robert Richardson Barbara R. Weatherspoon Thelma Ross Brent & Sherryl Roberts Ravil Seaton Greg & Jacqueline Seaton Jeffrey T. Spears James & Madlyn Spears Bobby Stone Joseph Donaldson Mr & Mrs Mark Grace Ronald Tucker Timothy Tucker Dartha Waldron Bud & Gretchen Lunda Harry Lee Waterfield II Bobby & Debbie Russell Wallace Watts Mr & Mrs Ferrell Haile George E. Weatherford David & Donna Kennedy & Family The Blizzard Family Laverne Ross Wright Julia & Terry Williams Travis Wyatt Greg & Jacqueline Seaton Geneva “Bootsie” Yates Hope & Kevin Britton Millie Yohn The Yohn Family

Honor Gifts

Warren & Jo Nell Vaughan Dedication to Children Marilyn Riley