Direct Church Support

A significant amount of the support for the children comes from local congregations. Many congregations participate in monthly support. Others participate in our commodities program or give a fifth Sunday contribution or two each year.

If you are interested in learning more about this, please call (270) 843-3038.

Complete our Direct Church Support form below.

Direct Church Support

Hands of Service

Hands of Service is a commitment to the children.  You are helping to fund their daily needs, just as you would your own.

This could be monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

There are 3 methods of giving:

  1. You can send in a check or cash each month and we will send you a receipt and an envelope for your next gift.
  2. We can charge the credit card of your choice each month.
  3. E-plan allows your gift to be deducted from the bank account of your choice.

If you wish to set-up a reoccurring gift please give us a call at (270)843-3038

Special Appeal Gifts

Holiday Appeal 2020

The year starts off with the Spring appeal letter then the Summer “Back to School” appeal followed by the Fall appeal letter and then the Holiday Appeal. Each appeal has a project where you help is needed for it to be completed.  Some are able to help with all the appeals, others choose the time of year when they are most able to help

Honor / Memorial Gifts

An Honor Gift to Potter Children’s Home and Family Ministries is one way of remembering a loved one’s birthday, anniversary, special occasion, or friendship.

A Memorial Gift to Potter Children’s Home and Family Ministries is one way of remembering a loved one who has passed from this life.

In addition to showing honor, your gift is being used to help feed, clothe, shelter, educate and provide spiritual guidance to young people who need a helping hand.  Immediately upon receiving your Honor or Memorial Gift, an appropriate letter is sent by Potter Children’s Home to the one you choose to acknowledge.  The letter will show the name of the person being honored and your name.

If one or more acknowledgement is needed, please contact our office at 270-843-3038.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gift

  • If one or more acknowledgment is needed, please contact our office at 270-843-3038
  • Donor Information

Honoring Gifts

Honor Gift

  • If one or more acknowledgment is needed, please contact our office at 270-843-3038
  • Donor Information

Call for Children

Every year, starting in the spring, this campaign raises over $100,000.  Individual donors are called and asked to give a gift in any amount.  The Phone Campaign helps raise the needed funds to cover the daily expenses to care the children and single parent families.


House Sponsors and SPARK Sponsors are used to help provide the little extras that complete the home setting.  We believe each home needs a feeling of warmth and cheer, like it is their own.  There are also individual sponsors, where a child or a single mom is the beneficiary of this special relationship.

We also have activity sponsors, who are help with providing an outing for the residents or possibly even a campus event with the residents.  The sponsors are encouraged to arrange visits with the house, family, or individual they are helping, to develop a friendship with the children, moms and foster parents.

For further information please call Mariah Blalock at 270-843-3038 or email her at [email protected].

Fall Festival

The Fall Festival is held annually on the third Saturday of September. Festivities will begin at 9:30 a.m.  Please join us for a day of Fun and Fellowship!  $5 arm bands for Children’s Activities including inflatables, play all day and end the day with a stop at the Prize Store! Silent auction 9:30 – 12:00 followed by the Live Auction starting promptly at 12:30!   And that not all…  Humongous Resale Shop, $1 Store, Christmas Shop, Tours of Campus, Gift Shop and the Certificate Boards!  Plus lots of food! 

All proceeds from Fall Festival go towards the cost of the daily needs of the children and single parent families that call Potter their home.

If you are unable to attend our festival please prayerfully consider mailing a gift to go towards Fall Festival.  Your gift will help continue a 100 year legacy of serving children and single parent families.

Commodity Outreach

The first half of each year, your congregation is asked to help with a cash gift for perishable items along with supply items from a short grocery list of non-perishables.

A letter is sent in advance to let you know what is needed and when it will be picked up.  If you would like to participate in the Commodities Outreach Program please call our office at 270-843-3038.

Silver for Children 

During the first half of the year, while the commodities are being collected, change cans are being distributed to the congregations.

The goal is to have the cans filled with silver coins and bills.  WE DO, HOWEVER, APPRECIATE THE PENNIES!!!

Our target is $65.50 per can and each year, we get closer to that goal.  This is a great way for a family to participate together in helping others by providing.

  • Christian foster parents who will model Christian values and attitudes while teaching the children God’s truths.
  • Educational fees including:  Books, Class Fees, Field Trips, and School Supplies
  • Transportation to Church, School, Doctor and Activities
  • Church Activity Cost, such as, Bible Camps and Retreats
  • Allowances for children